Your first step will be becoming a supplier in our internal database. Below are the summarized steps to get registered with LANL in Ariba:

  1.   Please request an invite to register with LANL.
    1. Upon approval, LANL will send invitation to register
  2. Open LANL email invitation and complete Ariba SLP Supplier Registration Questionnaire.
    1. Click link in email to proceed to the next step
      1. Login with existing Ariba Network account (important to ensure the correct ANID is linked with the LANL registration and avoid duplicate accounts) OR
      2. Sign up for a new Ariba Network account if your company does not yet have an account. Please note, you will receive a confirmation email once your Ariba Network account is created. This is not the final step.
    2. Once logged into your Ariba Network account, complete LANL Ariba SLP Supplier Registration Questionnaire
      1. Submit questionnaire for approval
      2. Receive confirmation email upon approval from LANL
    3. After you have submitted the registration questionnaire and received confirmation that it has been approved, you will receive a qualification questionnaire to complete. After you return the qualification questionnaire, the registration process will be finished.

Read detailed guideline for registering with LANL:

Ariba Supplier Registration Guideline