Form NumberNameRevision #Revised Date
Exhibit GLANL Exhibit G Cyber Security13/9/2023
IQPA-IQ-FD-105Quality Deliverable Requirements for Subcontractors012/5/2023
IQPA-IQ-FD-106Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Subcontractors – Quality Level 1012/5/2023
IQPA-IQ-FD-107Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Subcontractors – Quality Level 2012/5/2023
IQPA-IQ-FD-108Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Subcontractors – Quality Level 3012/5/2023
IQPA-IQ-FD-109Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Subcontractors, Commercial Grade Dedication012/5/2023
IQPA-IQ-FD-110Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Subcontractors – Item/Service Quality Verification012/5/2023
Form 2276Subcontractor Nonconformance Report (NCR)104/2024
3281.00.0024Bid Bond (pdf)211/1/2018
3281.00.0025Performance Bond (pdf)311/1/2018
3281.00.0025APayment Bond (pdf)311/1/2018
4.12.1 Representations and Certifications 11/16/2022
3500.00.5001Triad Solicitation and Selection Process For Competitive Procurements greater than $100k but less than $5M (doc)111/1/2018
4156.00.0001Instructions for Submitting Cost/Price Proposals When Certified Cost or Pricing Data Are Required (doc)111/1/2018
4156.00.0620 Subcontract Pricing Proposal Cover Sheet (Cost or Pricing Data Required) (doc)01/6/2016
4156.00.1505 Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data (doc)111/1/2018
5340.00.0001Novation Agreement (doc)211/1/2018
5340.00.0002Change-of-Name Agreement (doc)211/1/2018
4.804.7 Patent Certification (doc)25/2021
5424.00.5400Final Release of Claims (doc)111/1/2018
5431.00.0003ASummary of Subcontractor’s Cost Proposal for Changes to Subcontract (xls)05/2/2013
5431.00.0003BSummary of Subcontractor’s Price Proposal for Changes to Subcontract (xls)05/2/2013
6351.00.0156AProposed Budget (Educational Institutions) (doc)0.11/25/2010
6371.00.0001Consultant’s Invoice and Travel Expense Worksheet (xls)1.18/1/2019
AP-850-300-FM12Subcontractor Turnover Punchlist, Exhibit D (xls)09/11/2012
CFO-EFTAElectronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form (pdf)05/13/2008
Ex F 
ES&H Requirements for High or Moderate Consequence Work (pdf)
5June 2022
OSH-ISH-Plan-008 Subcontractor Environmental, Safety and Health Plan0Dec 2022
Ex F Attachment 5-2Attachment F5-2, FOD Site Hazard Analysis and Coordination Requirements0March 2022
Ex F Attachment F3-2Environment, Safety, and Health History Worksheet (pdf)0Oct 2020
Ex F Contingent Labor WorkEnvironmental, Safety, and Health Requirements for Contingent Labor Work0April 2021
Ex F Resource

Exhibit F Resource Manual Attachment A – Clause-by-Clause Roles and Responsibilities for Subcontractors

2April 2022
GC-13Nondisclosure Agreement (doc)07/9/2008
IRS W-8BENCertificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals) (pdf) July 2017
IRS W-8BEN-ECertificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Entities) (pdf) April 2016
IRS W-9Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (pdf) 12/2014
Form OPSEC Plan 
OPSEC Plan, Operations Security (OPSEC) Plan (doc)
LANL Form 2178Conduct of Engineering Subcontractor Deviation Disposition Request (doc) 06/2023
NIRT Form 3Named Individual - Conflict of Interest Disclosure (doc)17/9/2013
NM NTTCNew Mexico Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate Request (pdf) 12/2015
RFP Form GRFP Form G Offeror's Additional Representations (doc)111/1/2018
RFP NISPNotification of Intent to Submit Proposal (doc)111/1/2018
RFP OEDOfferor’s Exceptions and Deviations (doc)111/1/2018
SF 1413Statement and Acknowledgment (pdf) 4/2013
Instructions W-8BENInstructions W-8BEN (pdf) 7/2017
W-8BENW-8BEN (pdf) 7/2017
BUS-ASM-6001Travel Expense Statement03/28/2024
BUS-ASM-6002Appendix A Labor Details Time & Material03/20/2024
BUS-ASM-6003Appendix B Labor Payment Details Time & Material03/20/2024
BUS-ASM-6004Appendix C Material Details Time & Material03/20/2024
BUS-ASM-6005Time & Material Invoice Format03/20/2024
BUS-ASM-6007Fixed Price Invoice Format03/28/2024