As a premier national research and development laboratory, LANL seeks to do business with qualified companies that offer value and high quality products and services. Products, services LANL can procure include, but are not limited to:

Research and Development Studies
Studies and reports for research & development, demonstration, feasibility, task performance, design, test, experimentation, data gathering, analysis, investigation, software, and development code

Facility Construction and Architectural/Engineering

Construction services; architectural/engineering services; real property

Support Services and Staff Augmentation
Services for administrative and technical functions and capabilities; consultants, and affiliates

Mechanical and Electronic Fabrication
Fabrication, machining, plating, and assembly of prototype equipment, materials and structures using performances and design specifications. Fabrication and assembly of prototype printed circuit boards (PCB) and printed wiring boards (PWB) using performance and design specifications.

The following items are purchased through Just-In-Time contracts, through Local Vendor Agreement contracts, through the Purchase Program Card Program, and through the Small Purchase Team:

  • Information technology, hardware, software
  • Capital equipment
  • Belts and bearings
  • Building hardware
  • Bulk paper
  • Chemicals
  • Computer equipment and accessories
  • Controllers
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Lumber
  • Metals
  • Office products
  • Personal computers and accessories
  • Plastics, tools
  • Valves and fittings
  • Wire/cable
  • Supplies for building, cleaning/janitorial services, electrical, laboratory, photographic, plumbing, vacuum system products
  • Welding and soldering material
  • Automotive
  • V-belts, motors, shears, sprockets, chain bearings
  • Hardware supplies
  • Laser printer products
  • Rubber stamps, printing and office supplies
  • Audio and video supplies
  • Calibration equipment